Assess the following aspects before buying cannabis from any online vendor;

Product Excellence

When choosing an online dispensary, one of the most important factors is the quality of the company’s products. Remember that reputable breeders will always guarantee the quality of their products, which you can see on their website.

Additionally, you can check if the business complies with the requirements set out by the law in your city, read customer reviews, and look up lab results. When choosing the best online cannabis store, consider the cannabis’ quality.

Policies for Shipping and Refunds

A reputable delivery service expedites shipping. In the end, it all comes down to what you require. If you need your purchase immediately, you should look for a website that provides this service. Furthermore, most businesses may offer free delivery and a tracking number so you can track the status of your order.

Reputable cannabis companies offer exchange and refund policies. However, certain conditions must be met to receive your refund.

Exciting Deals

Prices and payment methods will vary depending on the online retailer. Before purchasing, compare prices at least two or three dispensaries, and you might also get a good deal this way.

Even some of the most well-known online merchants may have a price protection policy that guarantees customers the best price in the market. They will, however, match the price if you find the same product at a lower price on another website.

In choosing the best online cannabis store, you will get rewards if you are a regular customer with excellent discounts. You might even discover a sizable discount on your initial purchase or a gift. Additionally, many online shops may provide loyalty programs that let you earn rewards for your purchases.

A Quick Background Check

When you enter an online dispensary website, conduct a background check. Check whether the company is involved in fraud or legal issues. To learn more about the business you’re interested in, visit marijuana discussion boards and engage in conversation with like-minded people.

Various cannabis-related products

By choosing the best online cannabis storeyou typically get offers of a wide range of cannabis strains and goods. It encompasses well-liked cannabis concentrates, top-notch cannabis strains, and baked products. You can easily navigate from one online store to the next until you find what you’re looking for without leaving the house.

In conclusion, read the company’s policies and general terms and conditions before placing your first order. This will help you know more about the company’s credentials.

The uses and effects of the THC gummies

THC gummies are a kind of cannabis edibles and they are a popular method of consuming cannabis as they are a safe and a discreet way of consumption. THC gummies effects and uses majorly depend on the type of cannabinoid present. This can either be the delta 8 or the delta 9 type. 

Now that the Tetrahydrocannabinol gummies and mail order marijuana are everywhere, you may wonder how they can influence your feeling. Here are the answers.

The effect of the THC on the body

Delta 8 THC affects the body by interacting with the CB2 receptors in the Endocannabinoid system which is situated in the peripheral nervous system. THC also causes drying of the mouth and reddening of the eyes.

The effect of THC on the mind

THC interacts with the CB1 receptors in the Central Nervous System. This may cause memory loss, anxiety, paranoia, irritability, increased heartbeat and general coordination problems. The delta 8 type of THC provides consumers with a relaxing experience while staying focused on their tasks. This therefore minimizes the side effects related with the Delta 9 type of THC.

High dose (20-40mg): Mind sedative

Heavy dosage of the delta 8 THC can cause altering perception but one won’t hallucinate. If you are new to THC, heavy dosage might be too overwhelming and every aspect of life might seem so dramatic to you.

The use of the THC gummies in chronic pain relieves

The THC in the THC gummies is effective in relieving chronic pains related to conditions such as arthritis, migraine or endometriosis.

Neuropathic pain 

THC gummies effects and uses include alleviation of nerve pain triggered by HIV and other conditions.


The cannabinoids in the THC gummies are effective in treating the side effects of cancer such as nausea and loss of appetite. THC gummies effects and uses have also been extended to slowing down or killing cancer cells.

Vitamins and mineral provision

THC gummies effects and uses include provision of vitamin k which is necessary for blood clotting. They also provide vitamin c, iron and calcium. Vitamin c is essential for boosting the immune system, calcium is key to strengthening of bones and folates and iron is necessary for blood oxygenation processes.

The use of THC gummies depends on reaction with the individual consumer. This therefore proves the existence of their several uses and effects.

Vape Pens vs Smoking pure joint effects on human health

Recently there is an increase in the rate at which people are abusing drugs in the world. These drugs include nicotine and Marijuana which can be smoked or inhaled using vape pens. This article explains the effects associated with Vape Pens Vs Smoking

Understanding Vape pens Vs Smoking

A vape pen is a battery powered e-cigarette which is used to used either inhale or exhale vapor containing nicotine and flavoring produced by the act of vaping. On the other hand, smoking is the act of inhaling or exhaling tobacco by using the end lit of a cigarette.  It is good to understand the two since many people think that the two are way much similar. However, by Smoking nicotine is delivered by burning tobacco while by using Vape Pens nicotine is delivered by heating a liquid in a less harmful way. Many people belief that other than quitting Smoking they can use Vape Pens. There are facts that people should understand about using Vape Pens to clear these misconceptions:

  • Using Vape Pens is less harmful than Smoking but the latter is still not safe
  • By using Vape Pens it is still addictive as Smoking
  • Vape pens are still not the best alternatives to quit Smoking
  • Vape Pens are getting common among the youths who are more addicted by nicotine
  • By using Vape Pens you are at a higher risk of heart and lungs infection

Vape Pens vs Smoking pure joint effects on human health

With both nicotine is inhaled in the lungs. This has both long term effects as well as short term effects on the human body. The long-term effects of using Vape Pens include the following:

  • It leads to lung damage due lung irritation. This may as well cause death
  • The nicotine inhaled has cancer causing properties like carcinogen which may lead to the development of cancer in the body
  • It leads to the weakening of the body immune system making the body susceptible to infections

On the other hand, the long-term effects of Smoking include the following:

  • It triggers asthma attacks
  • It causes the4e blockage of veins and arteries that supply blood in the body
  • It increases the risk of eye diseases such as cataracts
  • It causes the increase in the risk of pregnancy loss
  • It increases the risk of stroke 
  • It causes cancer in any part of the body including lungs kidneys and stomach
  • It causes obstructive pulmonary diseases like bronchitis

Short term effects associated with both Vape Pens and Smoking include coughing, bad breath, fatigue, reduction in the sense of smell and shortness of breath.

How one can quit using Vape Pens and Smoking

As we have seen it is clear that there are adverse effects associated by Vape Pens as well as Smoking on human health. Preventing the resultant effect is better than curing them. Although quitting is quite difficult one can associate himself or herself with professional help to be successful. For anyone who feels like quitting both addiction they can try the following:

  • Go online for support to stop Smoking as well as using Vape Pens
  • Always call for reinforcements to quit Smoking and using Vape Pens like getting in touch with a friend or family member
  • By practicing relaxation techniques like listening to music and visualization
  • By getting physical which may help distract you from tobacco cravings thus reducing their intensity
  • By avoiding triggers which would lead you to using Vape Pens as well as Smoking
  • By trying nicotine replacement therapy like over the counter nicotine patches and gums


people should understand that addiction is not the solution to every problem. They should learn to understand the benefits as well as the risk associated with something. I can as well advise people to avoid the so called Vape Pens as well as Smoking as there are no added benefits but always lead to losses and regrets. 

Variety Types of Weed Edibles

With varying sizes, strengths, flavors, and textures, types of weed edibles since the homemade brownies have come quite a timely distance. Many THC and CBD edibles have been produced and exported, simultaneously used internally in varied countries.

Various Edibles

Weed, as most people call it, has different ways of consumption. These methods include, smoking and sniffing and through eating (edibles).  The effects and aim of consumption may vary from one person to other. The method used to consume weed may also affect the effects of it to the consumer.  

With different types of weed edibles , one can purchase edibles according to their wants, from Gummies to Chews, Chocolates to Baked goods, Drops to Beverages, Candies, Capsules, and Chewable Tabs sublingual, to mention but a few.

Drops to Beverages

In this weed edible, it is considered a straight drink liquid with or without mixing with another ingredient when purchasing the beverage. When opted to mix it is with a morning cup of coffee or evening tea. Digestion takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the effects to kick in since they dissolve into the bloodstream directly.

Capsules and Chewable Tabs

For ease of ingestion, these types of weed edibles are preferable to some individuals. These are mainly pills and tablets with more substantial effects too. They are not that common in many places compared to chocolate and baked goods. These types also take shorter periods to digest, just like the liquid type of edibles.


THC and CBD can comprise flavored mints, espresso bites, lozenges, and caramels for these edibles. They are like Candies bites or regular sweets.


Mostly taken liquid drops, people prefer placing the drops directly under the tongue while others on the language or along the jawlines on the gum. These types of weed edibles tend to dissolve faster than all other edibles going through the mouth.

Gummies to Chews

Mainly fruit chews and sour gummies with THC and CBD take longer than expected to feel the effects. Some are not meant for swallowing, while swallowing in some of these edibles is allowed.

Edibles that go through the digestive system take roughly about 20 – 95 minutes for the effects to kick in. Beverages and sublinguals get as quick as 15 – 20 minutes as the liquid edibles enter the bloodstream directly.  

Some edible’s effectiveness always isn’t felt immediately, leading some to ingest more to feel the effect faster than usual, which is repeatedly a mistake.

Remember, some of these edibles might not be of a healthy diet. A recommendation to check and decide which edible is best suited to ingest before consuming any purchased edible is advised.

Weed products you can buy online in Canada

To have a constant supply of weed for your personal use you must have a stable source of supply. Running down to the city stores after running out of weed is hectic and has no surety of getting the high-quality weed and customer support that you need at that time. To get high-quality weed with excellent customer support given by weed experts consider buying weed online gods green crack strain.

You may wonder how you can start ordering your weed online in Canada with no knowledge of digital buying. The weed product can be bought from online dispensary stores. You can get any of the products from these stores for no legalization is needed. Only a few weed products are sold at local dispensary stores and they are the only products that are legalized by the government. 


Weed products you can buy online in Canada 

  • Weed flower- The flower is dried, packed, and stored for sale. As a buyer, you are left to decide how much you want to take in after buying. It has no prescription for usage. You can find the flower in the local dispensary but with few strains but the weed flower in the online dispensary has a wide variety of strains. This gives you many choices of the flavor, how strong you want it to be in your body, and whether you want to buy a body high flower or a mind-high flower. 


  • Pre-rolled joints- The weed rolls are already made for you. They are smoother and the amount of the weed to be taken in is estimated. They are sold at the local dispensary stores but online have to roll joints of different sizes and a large range of strains in them. 


  • Edibles- For those of you who don’t love smoking, eating edibles is the best choice for you to get high. Most of the local dispensary stores do not sell the edibles of weed to licensing issues. In the online store, you will find edibles of different sizes and shapes. They come in the form of sweets, cakes, mints, chocolate, and many other forms that you can buy to meet your diet needs. 


  • Concentrated weed. This is taken in by those who are experienced. These concentrates include butter, resins, shatters, and many more. It provides intense high and requires specialized equipment to store it. 


  • CBD product. The product extracted from the weed is for health purposes only for it doesn’t react to lead to the highness of your body or mind. They are in spray, cream, or oil format. You can buy it from a local dispensary but an online store has a large variety of high-quality product

Benefits of buying weed online in Canada  

Free shipping- The product is delivered to your doorstep for free. 

Wide range of varieties to choose from 

No legalization is needed online for you to buy the product you need. 

Get expert customer service when you order online products. 



Buying weed online is the only sure way of getting the quality of weed that you want in Canada. 


How to use CBD for pain relief


CBD means cannabidiol. It is extracted from a plant known as hemp. Mostly CBD is used in addressing anxiety and helping people suffering from the problem of sleeplessness. Research states one may fall asleep and as well stay asleep after taking CBD.  

CBD lowers pain 

CBD may give an alternative to treat dissimilar kinds of persistent suffering. CBD use for pain relief lowers swelling and ache as a result of arthritis. Most chronic illnesses and pains such as neuropathic and provocative pains can be hindered by use of CBD. 

CBD side effects 

When CBD use for pain relief is mishandled and misused it results to side effects which include; having dizziness, diarrhea, anxiety, mood changes, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, dry mouth, liver inflammation as a result of increased liver and enzymes and drowsiness.  

Different forms of CBD 

It is made up of various forms, which are: gummies, oral pills or capsules, salves, oil and tinctures, creams, topical patches and balms. Due to tinctures and oils having versatile structures they can be added to nutriments and liquid refreshments. They come with colored glass containers with a dropper thus one can also use their droppers and put one or two drops beneath the tongue and hold it for a while before shallowing. Oral ingestion can be used to administer capsules and gummies. Topical balms and patches are specifically for external usage, you can apply this product to affected regions alone. Doctors prescription on CBD use for pain relief should be strictly followed to avoid negative impact.   

CBD nerve pain relief 

CBD has proved to provide relief for resistant pain to patients with chronic illnesses like cancer. CBD medication has been set aside for administration to such patients to relieve them from pain. Researches and analysis reveal that nerve pain is reduced by use of CBD. This occurs as a result of regulation of speed at which glycine receptors (which are now controlled by CBD) pass information across nerve cells.  

Side Effects of CBD 

Various studies have revealed that CBD always has side effects which varies from an individual to the other. It is stated that it may hinder development of a fetus and infants, thus expectant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid it at all costs. For clear guidance and CBD usage on treatment of health condition, one is advised to seek Doctors prescription to get the right option for your condition and avoid getting in trouble. Patients with liver disorders should take cautions while using CBD. They should avail themselves for regular check-ups and close monitoring of enzymes level in blood liver. CBD can also raise level of some medication in blood and trigger effects, you have to confirm with health officer and know which medication to use and not to use with CBD.  


CBD can be helpful if well managed and can also cause a lot of damage if poorly used. Use CBD for correct purpose and most probably under doctors prescription. Caution! The substance is highly addictive, thus be wise and smart to avoid addiction. 


Cannabis use is undoubtedly spreading and becoming popular. Its infinite beneficial attributes have paved it a survival path in the unwelcoming economy. Weed is now available in different forms, from chuff to oil. Therefore, seeking clarity on its consumption styles is very important before you make a fault. The effects of using weed depend on intake method, preexisting health conditions, age/gender, usage culture, and dosage administered. This is because of different genetic compositions in living cells. There are three main intake approaches of marijuana i.e. edibles, vaping, and smoking. For vaping, you use a vaporizing device to inhale heated oil. For edible cannabis, you can have it infused in drinks or foods and take it in as customary meals such as chocolates, gummies, capsules, and candies. Smoking generally involves inhaling burnt cannabis.  


The key difference between eating and smoking weed  


Anything that goes into the mouth must undergo an ingestion process, unless for abnormal occurrence. Once cannabis is taken in, its THC content is absorbed and taken through metabolic reaction in the liver. The heart then circulates it to the general body. This process takes a long time to realize the effects (30-90 minutes). On the other hand, smoking weed channels it directly into your lungs and pumps it into the bloodstream. This will raise a quick response but comes with health shortcomings. Cannabis smoke has toxins that include aromatic hydrocarbons, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, and polycyclic. These products are hazardous to heart health as they excite brain dysfunction, bronchitis, and lung inflammation. 


Shortcomings of Weed Edibles 


 They are prone to abuse – children might mistake them for regular food (baked goods). It has dosage implications- it is not easy to tell the percentage buildup of cannabis in a particular product. This may result in an over or under-dose. It consumes time to take effect- this poses the problem for overdose amongst impatient individuals.  


Is there any effect of eating raw cannabis? 


Tetrahydrocannabinolic (THCA) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), extracts of cannabis, require heat for activation into THC and CBD respectively. Hence, the answer is no, but research has not been stabilized on this. 


Joint benefits of edibles and smoking weed 


medical history has given cannabis credit for an extension application. In the past, cannabis was beneficial during cancer treatment to relieve pain (THC function). Besides, it helps to calm anxiety, and inflammation problems (CBD function). However, there are side effects imposed on the usage of these products. They may cause delusions/hallucinations, increased blood pressure, confusion, paranoia, and panic. Hence, it is vital to take into consideration various measures such as following dosage prescription. From this evaluation, one would prefer taking edible cannabis, since it does not cause lung problems. However, the choice is all yours, make the appropriate one and join the new cannabis world. 

Amazing THC vs CBD Benefits and Effects

As legal use for cannabis products grow, many are becoming curious about their best options. THC a short form for Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD are known as cannabinoids are both components of a cannabis plant known as Sativa. CBD is found in many forms such as gels, oils, gummies supplements, etc. And THC is available in edibles, oils, capsules, tinctures, etc. 

This article seeks to answer your questions on THC vs CBD benefits and effects. 

THC vs CBD benefits 

CBD and THC have many health benefits like pain relief in rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and cancer-related treatment, migraines, and multiple sclerosis pains. Independently each has its benefits. 

THC benefits 

Treatment for insomnia and glaucoma- These are sleep-related diseases. THC when used helps the patient sleep for a long time without waking up due to a small distraction 

Treats nausea and low appetite- These may be the side effects of other medications, and THC helps to combat them. 

CBD benefits 

CBD has many benefits like pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. 

Other great benefits include mental health benefits like, 

  • Fights depression thus used as an anti-depressant 
  • Combats anxiety 
  • Used to treat psychosis due to its psychotic elements 
  • Used in epileptic patients to reduce seizures. 

THC vs CBD Effects  

Though these components have many benefits, they may cause some reactions to people. 

CBD effects 

Changes in appetite- For many who have used cannabis a change in appetite is highly noted. Appetite may spike or decrease. 

 Fatigue-CBD causes a high fatigue level or a feeling of laziness, especially for first-timers. Using this product for a long period makes your body adapt to this effect, and fatigue levels start going down. 

Diarrhea- CBD intake causes negative reactions in the digestive systems in some people’s stomach making them experience diarrhea. 

Causes liver toxicity– Large amounts of CBD extracts were administered to mice, and the mice started showing signs of liver toxicity.  

Interacts with other medications– CBD interacts with some medications like those with a warning on grapefruit, as CBD and grapefruit interact with CYPs; enzymes that are crucial for drug metabolism in the body. 

THC Effects 

Becoming high- THC is commonly associated with the ‘high’ feeling of cannabis. It is because it connects with the strong component of the endocannabiodal system in the brain called the CB1 receptor to send ‘high’ stimuli to all brain cells. 

Memory loss- If you have ever taken cannabis, I bet you remember forgetting small details like where you kept your remote, or your phone. 

THC causes red-eye ness- Though not all red eyes are associated with THC, most THC experience red eye ness. 

Other effects include: 

Problems coordinating 

Slow in acting 

Dry mouth 

In summary, both THC and CBD have proven medical benefits, but consider the possibility of side effects while using them. 

Psilocybin helps with anxiety and depression in cancer patients

People expand their perspective on daily behaviours by using psilocybin extracted from magic mushrooms. Psilocybin is a substance found in psychedelic mushrooms. One-time treatment of the compound combined with psychotherapy improves the well-being of patients for five years. In a study conducted, the researchers combine psilocybin and psychotherapy sessions to produce a substantial, sustainable, and immediate improvement in depression and anxiety. The landmark of Canada’s organic magic shrooms also highlighted a decrease in hopelessness and demoralization in patients. A group of twenty-nine cancer patients displayed improved spiritual welfare and improvement in quality of life.  

After six months, the same participants displayed a 60% -80% reduction in anxiety and depression. The patient sustained aids in attitude improvement, existential distress, and quality of life. 70% of the participants indicated that the substance influenced the long-term changes in their lives after five years. The patients said that the drug had brought meaningful and spiritual significance experiences to their lives.  

The findings of psilocybin date to the 1950s; it dictates that the plant substance has a promising future in improving the spiritual, emotional, and psychological well-being of long-term cancer patients. People with terminal cancer can adapt the method to shift the paradigm of psychological care. 

The majority of people do not yet understand the drug works; however, academics attest that the compound can lead to the flexibility of the brain and receptive to new thought patterns. According to other researchers, the drug targets a network of the brain called the default mode network. The activation of that part of the brain is through mind wandering and self-reflection.

For patients suffering from depression or anxiety, the network experiences hyperactivity, resulting in ruminations and worry. Therefore, the drug helps in shifting the activity in the network and expands behaviours in their lives.  

Physicians should diagnose the drug, and people should not self-medicate. The intake of the prescription should be controlled and safe psychologically, primarily in conjunction with counselling from mental health doctors.  

Effects of the psychedelic compound on the Brain 

The drug works similar to a compound produced in the brain called the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin helps in neural functions such as mood and perception. The drug mimics the effects of the chemical by exerting a philosophical impact on individual experience and affects the temporal lobe of the brain. The area is the location of the memory and emotions.  

The effects of the prescription increase the amount of chaotic bustle across the mind. Neuroscientists describe the state as having high entropy. Despite the benefit of the drug, it reduces the default mode network. The system is the thoughts associated with self-focus and self-consciousness. 

The drug incites the spiritual state of coherence with the world. It increases the entropy of the brain and suppresses the ego-sustaining action of the default mode network. 

Want to Understand the Chaga Mushrooms Health Benefits?

However, the physical look of Chaga mushrooms isn’t pleasing, it’s helpful health edges profitable to one’s life. This article offers the meaning of Chaga mushrooms, besides their benefits. Let’s proceed to induce a lot of information regarding its importance! 


What Do Chaga Mushrooms Mean? 

Chaga mushrooms are kinds of decay (fungi), that build up at the tree barks, in cold climates. It may also be spoken as fragment conk, clinker pore fungus, black mass, and birch canker pore fungus. It produces a woody growth, which is the same as a set of burnt charcoal. It’s been used as a conventional drug for an extended time. 


What Are the Health Edges of Chaga Mushrooms? 

The following are the advantages of Chaga extract: 


  1. To Lower Blood Glucose Level 

Various studies for animals and check tubes indicate that Chaga mushrooms’ extract lowers blood glucose level and endocrine resistance. As an example, a diabetic mouse check; reduces blood glucose level, therefore, it can manage the polygenic disease. 


  1. To Enhance Your System and Combat Inflammation 

Inflammation means a typical reaction to your natural resistance that may forestall malady. Yet, long inflammation brings cardiovascular disease conditions and rheumatism. The Chaga extracts eliminate durable inflammation and forestall dangerous bacteria/viruses. Also, the Chaga extract aids in fighting the assembly of dangerous cytokines, that activate inflammation.  


  1. Treats and Prevents Cancer 

When you conduct a test-tube study mistreatment liver cells for humans, the Chaga extract fights cancer growth within the cells; the extract features a high content of triterpene antioxidants that aid to keep cells against harm.   


  1. To Scale Back Sterol 

Chaga extract lowers high cholesterol; it fights attacks by memory malady. However, will it fight heart disease? High sterol grows fatty deposits in one’s blood vessels, that develop, inflicting blood flow through your arteries troublesome. These deposits will crack instantly and make a clot that causes heart attack/stroke.   

  1. To Slow the Aging Method 

More antioxidants within the body moderates the aging process led to due to exposure to the sun, pollution, aerophilic stress, among different causes. Chaga mushrooms are a wealth of antioxidants, therefore, aids to induce eliminate aging signs. 


  1. It Provides Nutrients 

Chaga mushrooms contain numerous minerals, vitamins, and nutrients like metal, Vitamin D, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, iron, copper, amino acids, selenium, among others; they are essential for permanent health. 


Having aforesaid that, human study has not been administrated to prove Chaga mushrooms smart to prevent human infections. Out of the test-tube and animal studies conducted Chaga mushrooms will facilitate to lower blood glucose level, improve system & combat inflammation, forestall cancer, cut back sterol, and therefore, the slow aging method. 


In addition, thereto, Chaga contains varied vitamins and nutrients essential for good health. What other Chaga mushrooms health benefits do you know? 

Order online Staywild lions mane capsules


Cannabis – This is a type of a plant that has an upright stem with divided serrated leaves with glandular hairs and is used to produce hemp fibre and also as a drug. It has many names like marijuana or weed. 

This article seeks to explore how to buy cannabis in Canada. Canada being one of the countries based in the northern part of America has one of the world’s best online markets. The availability of internet across the country has made it easier for Canadians to purchase anything online. It is also a major boost to traders in the country to run and manage online business. Buying of cannabis or marijuana or weed as you like to call it is now easy since there have been so many online retail shops for the product. 

Since the legalization of consumption, sale, purchase or even carry cannabis, it has become easy to market or even get the product. In Canada, the federal law allows individuals with an age limit of 19 years old to purchase or even consume the product though with limitations. However, in some parts of the world, sale or even consumption of the product is deemed illegal and punishable by law. 

Canadians across the country enjoy the full advantage of purchasing cannabis because the law grants the right and so even the dealers have every advantage to explore the market for the product. However though, many Canadians haven’t fully master the art of buying cannabis online and therefore we are going to give a few insights on how one can get access to the product without having to travel distance in order to get it. 

Canada has come up with a law under the Federal Cannabis Act allowing anyone more than 19 years of age to use, sell, purchase or even carry around cannabis. Therefore there are so many online retail shops for cannabis. But being one of the largest countries in the world, how to buy cannabis online in Canada varies from one province to another since they all have their own law. For example; 

British Columbia (BC) has come up with a way of regulating online sale and retail of this product by introducing an online sales platform called British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) to manage online sales of the product to its residents. On this platform though, it is important to note that every purchase has to go through a 48 hour process. There is a third-party delivery provider which is tasked with the sole mandate of distributing cannabis to the buyers and they are also mandated with the task of making sure that buyers don’t violate any legal requirements like the age limit which is most critical. They make sure that anyone buying the product produces some kind of documentation proving that they are not under age. 

Alberta being a province in the energy part of Canada also has its own rules and regulations when it comes to online sale of cannabis. Here residents have to make an order for the product from brick-and-mortar stores. They have Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC) with AGLC-operated online sales platform whereby locals here get their deliveries for the product done to their doorstep. You can easily make your order through their website 

Having stated just but a few examples above, it’s clear how to buy cannabis online in Canada. Bottom line is cannabis or weed or marijuana as you may wish to call it can be purchased online like any other product.     

Magic mushroom dispensary

How to microdose shrooms safely?

Magic mushrooms or Shrooms are polyphyleticThis means that they have a hallucinogenic compound which is known as psilocybinThey grow naturally in the wildShrooms can be easily confused with ordinary dried mushroomsThey have long stems and a rusty brown shade. 

Magic mushrooms can be consumed in cooked foodbrewed like teaor just eaten like thatShrooms are also mixed with cannabis and tobacco for smoking purposes. Sometimesthe liquid psilocybin can be extracted. These mushrooms have a clear brown liquid. 

The Effect of Shrooms 

Magic mushroomsafter ingestioncan cause you to feelhearor see what seems to be real but it is notThey cause you to hallucinateThereforethey are considered drugsThis is because they alter your perception and your sensationsThere is no way to tell exactly what the outcome is in any given situationBut under medical supervisionmicrodosing psychedelic substances can be monitored to achieve more positive resultsAt this pointit would be important to find out how to microdose shrooms safely. 

Microdosing is considered taking roughly a tenth of a usual dosage of a psychedelic drugThis is approximately 5 grams of dried mushroomsThe phenomenon of ingesting this amount regularly is thought to help the users attain a ‘creative/productive state’.  

There is no concrete medical evidence that shows that Magic mushrooms help the user achieve this. In different researchesmicrodosers claim that long-term usage has helped in their overall well-being. 

Studies show that ‘Shroomers’ tend to be calmermore creativehave better moodsare more attentiveand in some caseshave mystical experiences/encounters. In some instanceslower levels of distractibility and stress have been reportedIt’s said that this effect can be achieved with the ‘trip’ dosageThis is another name for a 5 mcg dose. 

Current results show that microdosing of psychedelic mushrooms has an effect on mental issuesand enhancing attention capabilities where necessaryUsers say that it sharpens the senses and gives a feeling of being slightly more consciousThis could prove helpful to older adults who have trouble concentrating 

Need for More Research 

As the name microdosing suggeststhe intake of this substance should be minimalScientists and researchers are still trying to tackle the question of how to microdose shrooms safelyUsers need to be keen on how the consumption of shrooms affects themThis is to avoid dependency. Further research on this topic is vital.  

This will avoid generalizationunstandardized dosagesor inadequate controls.   

Depending on the physical condition of the usersthe effect can be seen with dosages of 5-20 mcgThis goes to show thatdifferent metabolisms react differentlySowhen next you feel the urge to see Godtake off to space without a shuttleor speak in extinct languages ask yourself this question: “How do you microdose shrooms safely?”  The question should be asked and answered preferably while you are still ‘grounded’. To be safeknow your medical condition first before experimenting with Magic mushrooms. 

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Planning a Corporate Holiday Party

Anyone who has worked for a large corporate, is familiar with end of year parties.  Planning a corporate party is a demanding undertaking. There are plenty of thing to put into consideration. In Toronto, an office holiday party essentially requires staff to show up and have fun. For some large companies, the party does not require careful planning while in smaller organization, the party is taken as part of the company budget. A corporate holiday party in Toronto is an excellent opportunity for junior staff and their directors to mingle and get to know each other. A corporate party provides an excellent opportunity to discuss company affairs in an informal environment.  Planning an event such as this is not a small undertaking. 

Develop a Checklist 

The first thing one needs to do is to come up with a list of all the things that need to be done. This list needs to be created weeks if not months before the actual event. The list should contain arrangements for the cleaning up of the party venue. Deciding the party menu that will befit Toronto executives is another thing to consider. Parties in Toronto offer you with two types of menu; buffet or sit-down dinner. All aspects of the party need to be thought out well including salads, desserts, drinks and appetizers. Always ensure you serve a healthy low-calorie foods. It is always good practice to ensure that foods are prepared well in advance so as to avoid last minute dash.   

Corporate Outlook  

It is common in Toronto to find buffets being the preferred options because they are easy to plan for organize. Ensure that there are napkins and towels at all times. Buy ice cubes and store them in galvanized buckets where anyone can pick at their convenience. Whenever possible have the napkins or utensils contain personalized message to reflect the image of the organization. There are many qualified designers in Toronto who can do this for you. Some organizations in Toronto have defined corporate themes. In such parties, a certain tone is set that defines the mood of the party. This could be done through incorporating certain colors to reflect the tone of the whole event. The selection of the party theme is an important activity.  

Maximize the Fun 

Party atmosphere is important and should be accompanied the appropriate decor. Having delightful meals and a matching decoration will add a touch of class to your party. Setting aside separate tables for drinks and meals encourages intermingling and moving around. To ensure maximum interaction and make your party more sophisticated, consider including fun games such as playing a board game or doing a karaoke.  For any party planning to be a success, it is imperative to know what the party is supposed to accomplish.  

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Knowing Where To Eat In Vancouver Is As Important As What To Eat

To start with, Vancouver is a coastal seaport city In Canada that is one of the main tourist attractions city in Canada. It boasts of great weather in which tourists comes to enjoy. One of the main centerpieces of Vancouver is their restaurants, which are all over the city giving you the perfect destination to take a look at the foods and drinks of the country. With all the many restaurants in an eh city, it would be hard to know which of the restaurants to visit as there are so many types of restaurants offering different services. This article, therefore, will walk you through the choosing of the best restaurants in Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver has all over different kinds of the restaurant almost everywhere which means that you cannot afford to be hungry while in Vancouver. The high number of restaurants in Vancouver means that they come up with different types of services so that they can beat competition from other restaurants. Your choice of food will, therefore, determine which restaurants you are going to visit. There are those Granville Island Restaurants that are offering vegetarian dishes only, which is perfectly a choice to the people who are vegetarian. Also, there are those restaurants that specialize in burgers, which mean that in case you are a burger lover that would be your ideal choice.

The reputation of every business on Granville Island is very important. While choosing the restaurant to go to in case you are a visitor, it is good to ask the locals of which are the best restaurants to visit. The locals tend to know all the information about these restaurants that you may not have. Therefore, while choosing the restaurant you want to visit in Vancouver choose the one with the perfect reputation. Also, you can look into the reviews of the different restaurants and choose the one with good reviews. You cannot afford to joke with your stomach as it can make you ill if you make a bad choice.  To make a reservation contact Dockside

The price like in many businesses will affect the place that you will visit in Vancouver. Vancouver has restaurants that offer food and drinks at different prices based on their class. Therefore, the amount of money that you have in your possession will determine where you will dine. There are those posh restaurants that charge far much more, and still, there are those that charge significantly less. Therefore, you need to choose whether you want to feel the good air and good company of rich people in the posh restaurants or your need are your stomachs to be full and enjoy the food in Canada. The choice will be squarely yours.  


Thanks for coming by and checking out our updated website.  We hope to show readers the food and wine that we use on our Vancouver restaurant.  Be sure to check back soon for new menus and great food ideas.