Vape Pens vs Smoking pure joint effects on human health

Recently there is an increase in the rate at which people are abusing drugs in the world. These drugs include nicotine and Marijuana which can be smoked or inhaled using vape pens. This article explains the effects associated with Vape Pens Vs Smoking

Understanding Vape pens Vs Smoking

A vape pen is a battery powered e-cigarette which is used to used either inhale or exhale vapor containing nicotine and flavoring produced by the act of vaping. On the other hand, smoking is the act of inhaling or exhaling tobacco by using the end lit of a cigarette.  It is good to understand the two since many people think that the two are way much similar. However, by Smoking nicotine is delivered by burning tobacco while by using Vape Pens nicotine is delivered by heating a liquid in a less harmful way. Many people belief that other than quitting Smoking they can use Vape Pens. There are facts that people should understand about using Vape Pens to clear these misconceptions:

  • Using Vape Pens is less harmful than Smoking but the latter is still not safe
  • By using Vape Pens it is still addictive as Smoking
  • Vape pens are still not the best alternatives to quit Smoking
  • Vape Pens are getting common among the youths who are more addicted by nicotine
  • By using Vape Pens you are at a higher risk of heart and lungs infection

Vape Pens vs Smoking pure joint effects on human health

With both nicotine is inhaled in the lungs. This has both long term effects as well as short term effects on the human body. The long-term effects of using Vape Pens include the following:

  • It leads to lung damage due lung irritation. This may as well cause death
  • The nicotine inhaled has cancer causing properties like carcinogen which may lead to the development of cancer in the body
  • It leads to the weakening of the body immune system making the body susceptible to infections

On the other hand, the long-term effects of Smoking include the following:

  • It triggers asthma attacks
  • It causes the4e blockage of veins and arteries that supply blood in the body
  • It increases the risk of eye diseases such as cataracts
  • It causes the increase in the risk of pregnancy loss
  • It increases the risk of stroke 
  • It causes cancer in any part of the body including lungs kidneys and stomach
  • It causes obstructive pulmonary diseases like bronchitis

Short term effects associated with both Vape Pens and Smoking include coughing, bad breath, fatigue, reduction in the sense of smell and shortness of breath.

How one can quit using Vape Pens and Smoking

As we have seen it is clear that there are adverse effects associated by Vape Pens as well as Smoking on human health. Preventing the resultant effect is better than curing them. Although quitting is quite difficult one can associate himself or herself with professional help to be successful. For anyone who feels like quitting both addiction they can try the following:

  • Go online for support to stop Smoking as well as using Vape Pens
  • Always call for reinforcements to quit Smoking and using Vape Pens like getting in touch with a friend or family member
  • By practicing relaxation techniques like listening to music and visualization
  • By getting physical which may help distract you from tobacco cravings thus reducing their intensity
  • By avoiding triggers which would lead you to using Vape Pens as well as Smoking
  • By trying nicotine replacement therapy like over the counter nicotine patches and gums


people should understand that addiction is not the solution to every problem. They should learn to understand the benefits as well as the risk associated with something. I can as well advise people to avoid the so called Vape Pens as well as Smoking as there are no added benefits but always lead to losses and regrets.